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Winvogue has cooperated with DHL, UPS, EMS,TNT and other express companies for years; we can get the best discount from shipping companies.

Please kindly note that the freight depends on the weight of goods, more weight,more discount will be allowed by shipping company.

Note: Remote Area Service Fee (Sent by DHL)
DHL will charge US$40 as remote fee for certain area to deliver the goods.
If your address belong to remote area, we will contact you to pay the balance of the freight before send out your order. It would be better if you can contact us first to tell us to add the freight if you know your address is remote. 

If you have any other question about shipment, please contact our service.


Can I Get Drop Shipping from Your Company?

From our site start-up till now, there are many customers ask us whether we can offer drop shipping. The answer is YES.

As for we don't have limit for the moq for each order, so we can offer drop shipping service. 

1)Express shipping(DHL,FEDEX,UPS) drop shipping

What you need to do is place order as usual, but write down your customer's address, (the contact number can be yours, we will not contact your customer directly),then we ship out the order to your customer directly. 

Note:please remember to modify the address before you submit your order. 

2)E-packet drop shipping

Because the express(DHL,FEDEX,UPS)  shipping cost is little lit high, NOT each customer can accept it. So now we add another shipping which is e-packet shipping. 

E-packet shipping is much more cheaper than express shipping, and it can ship to so many countries too. 

The quotation and delivery time of E-packet shipping as below:

Ukraine:$19/kg. For example:package is 0.3kg, the shipping cost is 19*0.3=$5.7.Delivery time:10-18 working days. 

Russia:$18/kg. Delivery time:10-18 working days.

United Kingdom,Israel:$15/kg. Delivery time:10-18 working days.

Germany, Australia, France:$14.5/kg. Delivery time:10-18 working days.

Canada, Norway:$16/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

Finland, Ireland, Portugal:$16/kg. Delivery time:10-18 working days.

Saudi Arabia:$14/kg. Delivery time:10-18 working days. 

Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Turkey:$15/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

Mexico:$20/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days. 

New Zealand:$14.5/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days. 

Korea:$12/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

Malaysia, Singapore:$12.5/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days. 

Brazil:$19/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

United States:$16/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

Japan:$10/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

Spain:$14/kg. Delivery time is 10-18 working days.

Note:The delivery time is for reference, the specific time will depends on the local post office processing speed.

The E-packet shipping order can not place on our site,more details, please contact our sales. 

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